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    Advocacy and Human Rights Programme

   Education and Community Health Programs

   Income Generating Programme

   Women and the Environment


1. Advocacy and Human Rights Programme

      To sensitise Maasai, Hadzabe and Barbaig communities on girls educational rights.

      To conduct Campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

      To raise awareness on human rights (marriage, property ownership injustice etc.).

      To empower women through seminars/workshops to influence Democracy and Governance at all levels.

      Network with other like-minded organizations.


2. Education and Community Health Programs

      To increase girls access to education through providing scholarships

      To carry out awareness creation on the importance of education.

      To conduct cultural exchange activities: Study tours, Workcamps and exchange visits.

      To conduct campaigns on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention

      To mobilize the community to construct classrooms, Dispensaries and roads.


3. Income Generating Programme

      To provide entrepreneurship skills to women groups

      To assist women establish buying and selling centers for their products (eggs, milk, handcrafts, crops)

      To assist women groups with small self-help projects (goat production, cheese production, marketing etc)


 4. Women and the Environment

      Women as managers

      Women as users

      Women as destroyers




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